Opal® is a trademark owned by GmbH (Germany), webfruit GmbH (Germany) and Varieties International LLC (USA).

1. Why shall I choose Opal® Brand Apples?

Opal® is a yellow skin coloured apple with up to 1/3 of an orange blush on it’s check, where the difference between day / night temperature prior harvest is high. Fruit size ranges between 65 and 80 mm. The stem-end russeting, which is typical to Opal® apples creates a “home grown” authenticity. The ideal picking time is close to ‘Golden Delicious’. Opal® apples are ready for picking when the background colour has turned into a warm, sunny yellow. This fruit does not get soft!

Opal® Brand apples can be grown with a low input of energy, spray treatments and labour. The tree has a spur type growth, is naturally self-thinning and a regular cropper. Low susceptibility to mildew and it’s vf resistance against apple scab supports the idea  to grow Opal® in an environmentally friendly way. As natural as possible and sustainable. The new way of cultivation an apple!

Opal® prefers a mild climate, almost like wine grapes, to explore it’s 14° to 16° brix of sugars.

2. Have a bite to eat ...

Okay, we all select apples with our eyes and expect a yellow apple to taste like ‘Golden Delicious’, as almost 98 % of all yellow apples around the world. Some consumers associate a yellow to gold coloured apple with mealiness, and sometimes we question if it’s taste is sweet enough.

So why trying something new?

An Austrian sommelier, Henry Sams, describes Opal® as follows: “a tender yellow cream coloured fruit-flesh, firm and compact, with a reminder of a light quince and a touch of pear flavour.”


Some highlights

high sugars  |  a suprising crunch  |  exceptional shelf live  | stores and handles well


3. Where is my network?

Every innovation needs a platform to exchange ideas, to learn from one another, to share and to connect. Pilot orchards are planted across Europe and around the world.

We are going to indentify the best growing conditions for Opal® Brand apples in Europe and all over the world.


4. The future of the Opal® Brand ...

A tracking system is in place where all growing information is getting centralised at


email to


This idea offers a unique opportunity to source technical and marketing information, in order to maximise the chance of a successful introduction.