The apple trademark Opal® - variety name: 'UEB32642', originates from a cross-breed of ‚Golden Delicious‘ and ‚Topaz‘. The variety protection in the European Union was granted on 15th April 2006.


Average, basitonic growth, dense branching, fruit buds and internode distance medium to short.


Diploid, avergage flowering period, some days before 'Golden Delicious', abundance of flowers.


One week after 'Golden Delicious', before 'Braeburn' slight thinning recommended, ready-to-market three weeks after harvest. Be careful of bruising if packed too early.


In natural storage until April. Until May in CA, ULO and with DCA technique.


Medium size, round; height: width ratio 0.90; medium to long stem; russeting in the stem area, overlapping onto fruit cheeks is possible; skin colour yellow to yellowish orange; cream white fruit flesh; firm, fine to medium grain cell structure; medium to high juiciness; full flavour; sweet (BRIX value 15.2°), mild slightly tart, excellent flavor.


Resistant to scab (Vf) tolerant to mildew, no bitter-pit.