"Innovations are created by nature". Dr. Jaroslav Tupy

Once upon a time in 1966 in Strizoviĉe, a small community in the northwest of the Czech Republic, Dr. Jaroslav Tupý and his team began for the first time to crossbreed apple varieties. His goal was to extract fruits from a large population of seedlings, that are not only outstanding in taste but also naturally resistant to the most important fungal disease in apple cultivation.

1991 Jaroslav Tupý crossed the American ‚Golden Delicious‘ with a ‚Topaz‘ with the idea to combine the positive characteristics from both apple parents. 

Out came an enormously tasty and natural resistant apple which achieved his aim: 

the new variety  'UEB 32642'. He baptised it Opal®.

1995 Discovery in the USA through Dave Weil

 " During the evaluation I always collect fruit for storage tests. I took a black plastic garbage bag and put about 30 pounds of fruit inside the bag. The fruit was not protected. During this trip I scheduled a fly fishing visit to the Deschutes river. I locked the fruit inside the car feeling that when I returned 5 days later I would find destroyed fruit. Temperatures at this time of year are ~90°Fahrenheit and sunny - that means the temperature in the car is quite hot. The apples did not get soft or burse. Instead they were very good eating. This would be impossible to achieve with any other variety. That caught my attention."

                                                                                       Dave Weil – Varieties International LLC, Dundee USA, Oktober 2012

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