OPAL® | der goldapfel.

What is the „must have“ feature an apple needs in order to attract growers, marketers and customers from Europe, Africa and South America? The apple must be genuine and enticing!

Please notice that Opal® is a registered Brand. The name of the variety is 'UEB 32642'.


2017 Italy Piemont



Growers-meeting in Costigliole Saluzzo, Piemont, 20.09.2017


Romualdo Riva, Ortofruit Italia (mid) and Marco Giordanino, Biofruit Service (right side) with fruits of OPAL(R)-apples

2017 Italy Vinschgau




2 weeks before start of harvest, 15.09.2017


Leaf 6, testing field Latsch, VZ Laimburg


2017 Spanien Catalunya

Interpoma - Bolzano 2016